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Amazing Dental is one of Arlington’s leading full-service dental practices. Dr. Aamir Budhani started Amazing Dental to provide exceptional dental care the way that he wanted: with superlative patient care. Here, he and his entire staff treat every patient like family. When you’re a patient, you are family.

Unparalleled Patient Care

“I really enjoy what I do, taking care of the patients.”

Amazing Dental is a family practice with an entire staff who truly and genuinely cares about each patient. As a result of his own experience with advanced dentistry needs, Dr. Budhani can relate to and empathize with his patients, giving his a unique ability to comfort and guide his patients through their treatment. Here, he prides his practice on the family-like atmosphere, doing everything he can to make sure that every patient feels cared for, listened to, and respected. When you join the Amazing Dental family, you are family.

High-Quality Dentistry

“I stand behind my work, and I take care of my patients.”

Part of providing unparalleled patient care is being able to offer our patients the latest advancements in dental technology and treatments. Dr. Budhani is dedicated to staying current so that he can offer top-of-the-line services and products. Dr. Budhani has the opportunity to utilize only the best when it comes to labs and materials. As a result, Dr. Budhai stands behind all of his work.

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Emergency Care

“We never turn away a patient in pain.”

Amazing Dental wants to be your emergency dentist. We schedule time everyday for emergency patients, and as long Dr. Budhani is in the office, you will never be turned away. Even if you have to wait to be seen, we will always see a patient with a dental emergency. We understand how stressful a dental emergency is, and we are here to help ease your pain and give you peace of mind.

If you have a dental emergency, come see us. We’re here for you.

Patient Education

“As long as the patient understands what’s going on, they have more faith have in you in as the provider.”

Patient education is a fundamental part of Dr. Budhani’s patient philosophy. He believes that every patient deserves to know exactly why he’s suggesting what he’s suggesting. Dr. Budhani spends time with each patient to ensure that they understand their oral health and their treatment plan. Having a complete and mutual understanding about dental care strengthens the relationships he builds with his patients and fosters a sense of loyalty; his patients are not only loyal to him, but he is loyal to his patients.


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