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At Amazing Dental, we practice a patient-first philosophy, and we understand that getting a root canal can cause many patients to experience anxiety and fear. However, while root canal therapy has received a bad reputation, it really is a procedure that can save your natural tooth and give you back your quality of life.

Being in constant pain because of your tooth can really take a toll on your overall wellbeing. This straightforward endodontic procedure will, in essence, cleans out the root of your tooth to prevent further infection, alleviating your pain and protecting the remaining tooth structure.

Why You May Need a Root Canal

A root canal is a necessary procedure when the pulp of your tooth becomes infected. An infection deep enough to affect the pulp is generally caused by a deep cavity or a crack in your tooth. This infection, aside from oftentimes being very painful, can be dangerous and put the surrounding jaw and soft tissues at risk of infection.

Symptoms of infection:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Tooth pain that wakes you up at night
  • Swollen gums surrounding an infected tooth
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Highly sensitive teeth

If you think your tooth may be infected, it is best to see Dr. Budhani to ensure that you get the appropriate care you need.

What Happens During Root Canal Treatment

Before your root canal therapy, Dr. Budhani will numb your tooth completely so that you will not feel pain. After Dr. Budhani completely numbs the area, he will drill a small hole in the crown of your tooth to gain access to the pulp and the root canals. From there, he will thoroughly clean out all of the infected tissue and remove the pulp, cleaning the entirety of the canals. He will then shape and fill the canals and use a filling to seal the tooth. Once Dr. Budhani seals your tooth, you will be fitted with a temporary crown while a permanent one is made for you in the lab.

We understand that this procedure often causes patients a great deal of anxiety, if you are anxious about the procedure, Dr. Budhani will administer Nitrous Oxide. Providing high-quality, compassionate dental care is our primary goal at Amazing Dental.

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What to Expect After Treatment

The goal of root canal treatment is to save your natural tooth. Fortunately, root canal therapy has a very high success rate, and teeth saved with this treatment often last a lifetime.

At Amazing Dental, we are devoted to giving you a pain-free, life-long smile. If you’ve been experiencing severe tooth pain and want to know how a root canal can help save your tooth, call Dr. Budhani today at (817) 438-1925 or request an appointment online.

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