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Dr. Aamir Budhani

Dr. Aamir Budhani, DMD

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From a young age, Dr. Aamir Budhani displayed a natural aptitude for science and a fascination with assembling and constructing models. His early experiences with extensive dental work sparked his interest in the field, which combined his passion for science and hands-on activities. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Budhani pursued a dental education, graduating in 2007 with a Doctor of Dental Medicine from the esteemed Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts.

Upon opening Amazing Dental, Dr. Budhani eagerly embarked on his own path, focusing on a patient-centric approach and emphasizing patient education. He takes the time to explain x-rays, dental issues, and the rationale behind his treatment plans to every patient. Dr. Budhani takes pride in selecting trusted labs and high-quality materials to ensure the best care for his patients.
At his practice, he values the opportunity to genuinely care for his patients, cultivating long-term relationships and fostering mutual loyalty. This commitment extends to being mindful of lab fees and addressing patient stress. Dr. Budhani’s patient philosophy is centered on establishing enduring trust with each individual. By prioritizing unhurried appointments, allowing patients as much time as needed, and implementing a “raise your hand and I’ll stop” technique, he ensures every patient feels safe, comfortable, and in control of their dental care, treating them like family.

Recognizing the ever-evolving nature of dentistry, Dr. Budhani is dedicated to staying current with the latest innovations in technology and methods, enabling him to maintain exceptional patient care and outcomes. As one of Arlington’s most cherished and trusted dentists, Dr. Budhani’s enthusiasm for his work is continually fueled by his patients. He acknowledges that each patient and case is unique and stands behind the quality of his work.

“I stand behind my work, and I take care of my patients.”

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Dr. Aamir Budhani, Arlington Cosmetic Dentist

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